TJ Grimes leads the performance team at Baker Engineering in street, drag race, off-shore marine, and circle track engine building. With a background in high performance late model vehicles he has worked at Baker Engineering since 2008, specializing in late model engine tuning and full vehicle builds for GM, Ford, Mopar platforms.

TJ’s passion for high performance vehicles started in his grandpa’s general repair shop where he honed his skills with a carbureted v8 swapped S10 before quickly moving into the LS platform. With the move into late model GM cars, EFI tuning became a necessity and TJ has been the tuner for cars, trucks, and boats at Baker Engineering since he started in 2008. He also leads performance engine development efforts and camshaft design. TJ is the tuner and crew chief for Super Dave Adkins and has been an integral part of Dave’s world records in LSX powered drag cars.