Automotive Performance

Baker Engineering has been powering racing engines for more than 50 years. Put our racing performance technology and engine-building experience to work. Whether you’re looking for a custom engine, a high-performance update to your street car, or the perfect parts to get the job done, Baker is your go-to source.

What Our Customers Have to Say

Automotive performance

Custom Engine & Vehicle Building

Give your car the power to win. Baker Engineering designs, engineers, and builds world record-setting, championship-winning, checkered flag-waving engines. The variety of engines we create for high-performance applications gives Baker an extra edge. This approach allows us to apply new technologies to new applications and gives customers a competitive advantage on the street, strip, or track.

Late Model Tuning & Dyno Testing

Baker Engineering can help you get the most out of your performance vehicle with upgrades, testing, software tuning, engine management programming, etc. BE utilizes more than 30 tuning software packages, including HP Tuner and Tunercat for most GM, Ford, and Dodge vehicles with expertise in naturally aspirated, forced induction, nitrous, and E-85. At BE, we also put technology to the test with engine dynamometer testing up to 1500 Hp, and all-wheel drive chassis dyno testing up to 2500 Hp.

Dyno tuning

Connect With an Engineer

Whether you have a government or private project, connecting with an experienced Baker engineer is an excellent way to ensure that your technical requirements are understood.

Reach out to us, and we will set a meeting between your team and one of our qualified engineers, who can answer your questions.

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