Precision Manufacturing

Baker Engineering delivers precision-made parts on time, from small simple parts to complex components designed for dynamic assemblies. Baker specializes in prototyping and short-run production of small-to-mid-size complex parts, utilizing in-house processes such as Haas CNC 5-axis machining, and a Dual Spindle Turning Center with live tooling. If you’ve got the idea or requirement, Baker can build it.


Comprehensive Machining Capabilities from Prototype to Testing

Baker Engineering offers some of the area’s most sophisticated machining capabilities to various customers and industries. From single small parts to large kinematic assemblies, BE provides prototyping, manufacturing, assembly and testing. Including the engineering expertise to support the process. BE specializes in small part machining – the manufacture of small, complex parts with tolerances to 0.0002”. BE can assist with engineering, tool path generation and simulation, manufacturing, finishing, assembly and testing. Certified in AS9100D, ISO-9001:2015, & AIAM.

A Dedicated Team With In-House Machining Capabilities

Baker Engineering offers sophisticated multi-axis milling and turning capabilities as well as established industry partners for material sourcing, heat treatment, finishing, coating, grinding and other processes developed from our long experience in Engineering and Manufacturing prototype engines and components. We are capable of complex machining, inspection, assembly, and testing with expertise in machining of aluminum, titanium, steels, Inconel, and other alloys. Reach out to an engineer at Baker today to make an inquiry or learn more.

Baker Team

Connect With an Engineer

Whether you have a government or private project, connecting with an experienced Baker engineer is an excellent way to ensure that your technical requirements are understood.

Reach out to us, and we will set a meeting between your team and one of our qualified engineers, who can answer your questions.

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