Levi Roodvoets has a B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Michigan (2005) and an International Welding Engineer Certification from SLV Duisburg (2006). Roodvoets currently serves as Engineering Manager at Baker Engineering while overseeing projects for commercial and defense customers. Roodvoets has led many Phase I and Phase II SBIR projects covering development of high performance engines and sub-systems. Roodvoets joined Baker Engineering in 2018 after spending 10 years at the Combat Propulsion Systems division of L3 Technologies. At L3, his level of responsibility increased from development engineer on the Heavy-Fuel Rotary Engine and Opposed-Piston, Opposed-Crankshaft programs to the senior project engineer over all Rotary and AVDS-1790 engine development programs. Prior to L3, Roodvoets worked at Behr (now Mahle Industrial Thermal Systems) developing engine cooling system packages. Roodvoets has a diverse background with knowledge of 2 & 4 cycle piston and rotary engines, engine sub-systems, and vehicle integration.